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NEW PRODUCTS: If you are a loyal customer of VIP Vitamins then you know that we offer some of the best, most natural and organic supplements on the market today! We are NSF verified, GMP Certified, GMO Free and best of all Made In USA. If you are new to our store or a returning customer we have a lot of new products that recently hit the market which you may be interested looking into. Dont forget that when you purcahse from us you are backed up by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Our list of New Products supplements consist of many different ingredients that offer many different types of benefits. Some of these new supplements have recently received more attention due to research being done and benefits have been proven to work. This product list can consist of supplements you have never thought of before or are new to the supplement market overall. So go ahead and give our natural and organic supplements a try!

WILD ALASKAN SALMON OIL: Fatty acids are very important to your overall health and well being. Not getting enough of fatty acids can have negative consequences to your health. Our Wild Alaskan Salmon oil holds an exceptionally rich source of omega-3 fats. The primary omega-3 fats found in our salmon oil are eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) which can help with a reduced risk of heart disease, improved brain health, reduced inflammation and much more!

NATURAL PINE BARK EXTRACT: Have you ever heard of pine bark extract? Yes you read that correctly, the bark off pine trees. Did you know that pine bark extract, like pine oil, is one of nature’s super antioxidants. Pine bark was used by indigenous people of North America and Asia to help them stay healthy during the cold winter. Today, Integrative Healthcare professionals have also realized that there are many health benefits of pine bark extract.

HEMP SEED OIL 1000MG: When you are looking to get into taking organic hemp seed oil you want to make sure you know what MG is going into your body and if it will actually work for you. Our natural and organic formula of Hemp Seed Oil contains 1000MG of this powerful oil in each capsule. Once taken by mouth that is when the benefits start to kick in and provide you with everything that you need.

NITRIC OXIDE MUSCLE BOOSTER (2127MG): Building the perfect body you want is not an easy job and requires a lot of hard work. Some times that hard work does not even pay off because your body requires something more that it does not have. Our natural muscle building formula has been proven by different studies that it really works and offers amazing benefits to men trying to get bigger, faster. The secret is the powerful combination of certain ingredients.

PURE MCT OIL 3600MG: In todays wellness world there are so many oils out there that can help with different health problems. In honesty you only need one oil which is our Pure MCT Oil. What, you ask, is MCT oil? MCT stands for "medium-chain triglycerides," and it's essentially a type of fat. MCT oil usually comes from coconut oil and is really healthy for you.

BODYBUILDING EXTREME PILLS FOR MEN: If you are looking at our natural and powerful supplement right now then look no further, you have found exactly what you want. When you buy and start using our supplement then you will feel the amazing benefits like more energy, less stress, stronger, better workouts at the gym and so much more! Our unique and powerful complex of ingredients is like nothing else that you have tried before.

BODYBUILDING PILLS FOR MEN: If you are looking at our natural and powerful supplement right now then look no further, you have found exactly what you want. When you buy and start using our supplement then you will feel the amazing benefits like more energy, less stress, stronger, better workouts at the gym and so much more! Our unique and powerful complex of ingredients is like nothing else that you have tried before.

TRIPLE BORON COMPLEX: Who doesn’t want healthy bones and joints on a daily basis? What about better nutrient absorption and improved hormone balance? All of these and more are benefits of the mineral boron. Though it gets little attention, boron is essential to the human body through a variety of supporting functions. The roles boron plays in your body are diverse and important, especially in your metabolism and other functions that involve maintaining internal stability. Your body needs boron to create and maintain a good balance of sex hormones, estrogen and testosterone.

DANDELION ROOT: When you hear the word dandelion you think of a small yellow flower than you can at some point blow on to make a wish. Well have you ever thought of taking this flowers roots as a dietary supplement? Well you should. In traditional herbal medicine practices, dandelion are revered for their wide array of medicinal properties. For centuries, they’ve been used to help numerous health problems like acne, liver disease, digestive disorders and so much more.

VIRGIN BLACK SEED OIL: We feel like black seed oil hasn't been in the spot light enough so which is why we highly recommend you to try this supplement if the benefits get your attention. First off what is Black Seed Oil? It is extracted from the seeds of Nigella, a plant native to southwest Asia. Black seed oil has a long history of use dating back over 2000 years. In our present time black seed oil has been studied for its amazing and natural benefits towards your health and well being. Keep on reading and this product will be in your shopping cart like magic.

BEET ROOT: There are many vegetables that are really healthy for you but you don't want to eat them because you don't like the taste or just don't have the time to cook. One of those vegetables is Beet root also known as red beet, table beet, garden beet, or just beet. That bright red root isn’t just a looker. It’s hard to beat a beet for providing certain health benefits too. We put the benefits of beet root into a simple and small quick release capsule so that you don't have to play around with cooking or the taste. Give our supplement a try today!

VITAMIN B12: Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, is an very essential vitamin that you need but cannot produce. Food sources of vitamin B-12 include poultry, meat, fish and dairy products. Vitamin B12 has many roles in your body and is needed for red blood cell formation and DNA synthesis. We provide you Vitamin B12 in a Quick Release Tablet form which is coated in a natural cherry flavor. If you need more Vitamin B12 in your daily life then our product is perfect for you!

ASHWAGANDHA COMPLEX: If you have never heard of ashwagandha then you are really missing out on some serious health benefits. Ashwagandha is an evergreen shrub that grows in India, the Middle East, and parts of Africa. The herb is considered one of the most important herbs in the Ayurvedic system, a healthcare practice that started in India over 3,000 years ago. Our Ashwagandha Extract Complex has many other ingredients added to it so that all aspects of your health are covered.

ADAPTOGEN ADVANCED COMPLEX: Our all natural and powerful adaptogen complex is packed with different ingredients that have been shown to provide you some of the best health benefits a supplement can offer. This complex can help you with your wellness, mood, productivity and so much more. Each ingredient was picked very carefully to make sure you get exactly what you pay for. Try our supplement risk free today!

ANTIOXIDANT MEGA COMPLEX: Our beneficial mega complex includes many natural antioxidants. It can be beneficial for fighting off free radicals, boosting immune system, supporting brain functions, supporting healthy hearth and have powerful anti-aging benefits.

CLA: Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA is a slightly transformed form of linoleic acid and  omega-6 fatty acid that are  significant for health. Linoleic acid as well as Omega-6 fatty acids can be found in meat  and dairy products. Thus while consuming our herbal supplement  you receive the daily amount of CLA that you suppose to receive from meat and  dairy products.

FEMALE FANTASY PILLS: Our Female fantasy pills will be the best supplement to boost sexual enhancement for women by supporting their libido and raising testosterone levels. Our herbal band may provide and diverse your sexual life and become best female sexual enhancement for you.