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SPIRULUNA: Spirulina is a herb known for its amazing benefits in supporting health. It is a bacteria or blue-green algae that can be found in lakes. This supplement can be considered as a super-food as it is beneficial to almost every organ of our body. 

SPIRULUNA IMMUNE BOOSTER: Our Spirulina supplement may significantly boost the immune function of the body. As its supplement support cells regeneration, speed up healing the wounds and illnesses, thus strengthen the immune system. This supplement reinforces the immunity by raising the resistance of our body to cold and flu.

SPIRULUNA BODY DETOX: Our Spirulina supplement may be useful in body detoxification. A huge amount of chlorophyll is concentrated in spirulina, that works as the most strong component in body detox. This supplement may be great in removing toxins from the blood, supporting digestion and improving the micro-floral balance.



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