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HOLY BASIL EXTRACT: Holy basil extract is a natural adaprogen that may keep us strong and reduce effects of stress. Our herbal extract may be useful in dealing with cold, flue, show its benefits in preventing diabetes, asthma,  and headaches, support stomach and heart health, reduce stress.

HOLY BASIL EXTRACT REDUCE STRESS NATURALLY: Acting as an adaptogen Holy Basil Extract may support body response to physical and emotional stress. It may not influence the mood but it may support body function and make it stress-resistant. By lowering body response to stress it may stimulate mental clarity and memory.

HOLY BASIL EXTRACT RESPIRATORY FUNCTION BOOSTER: Our natural Basil extract supplement may be useful not only in dealing with common respiratory diseases like colds, flu and coughs, it is also reported to boost the immune system, inhibition coughs, provide cough relief. This supplement will show its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties as well.



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