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TRIPLE BORON COMPLEX: Who doesn’t want healthy bones and joints on a daily basis? What about better nutrient absorption and improved hormone balance? All of these and more are benefits of the mineral boron. Though it gets little attention, boron is essential to the human body through a variety of supporting functions. The roles boron plays in your body are diverse and important, especially in your metabolism and other functions that involve maintaining internal stability. Your body needs boron to create and maintain a good balance of sex hormones, estrogen and testosterone.


TRIPLE BORON COMPLEX FOR BONE AND JOINT HEALTH: Keeping your joints and bones healthy is really important because they are in use everyday and can go through a lot sometimes. Our supplement can aid in keeping your bones strong and stable. Boron is also known to play a role in extending the half-life of vitamin D. First, vitamin D is essential for bone health because it enhances your body’s ability to absorb calcium. Boron could help enhance bone health by increasing how long vitamin D works in your body and benefits you at the same time.


TRIPLE BORON COMPLEX FOR REDUCING INFLAMMATION: Sometimes inflammation can be good and sometimes it can be really bad. Boron is effective at reducing certain inflammatory markers called cytokines – specifically, hs-CRP and TNF-a. These two cytokines have been associated with breast health problems, obesity, insulin resistance, lung problems, heart issues, depression, and more. In fact, because of its role in both reducing inflammation levels and activating healing cells of joints and bones, boron is considered an effective natural treatment for osteoarthritis.


TRIPLE BORON COMPLEX BALANCES HORMONES: Making sure your hormone levels are balanced is very important to your health and well-being. We’ve touched on this briefly, but boron’s influence over our hormones is worth a better look. Boron is important in both men and women. Studies indicate that boron supplements cause an increase in estradiol and testosterone. Due to this, you’ll come across a lot of advice, especially in men’s health forums, recommending boron supplementation. This advice usually points out that boron does indeed boost testosterone levels and does a lot more for your health.



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