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GOLDENSEAL ROOT: Goldenseal is a herb with wide diversity of usage including skin issues, ulcer symptoms and gonorrhea. Our herbal supplement broadens the traditional usage and may be used as a supplement to prevent colds, respiratory infections, allergies, eye infections, digestive issues, canker sores, urinary tract infections and even more.

GOLDENSEAL ROOT: Goldenseal supplement is best in treating allergies, colds, and flu as it has compounds that act like antibiotic to protect the immune system functioning. One of the abilities of goldenseal to act as an immune stimulant is its ability to reduce inflammation.

GOLDENSEAL ROOT HEART HEALTH BOOSTER: Goldenseal supplement is known for its heart benefits. its main component berberine can be used in order to protect heart failure. Thus our supplement may be helpful in congestive heart failure and in supporting heart function in general. Berberine controls blood sugar levels, prevent obesity.



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