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CRANBERRY CONCENTRATED 50:1: Cranberries have been known to people for its antioxidant properties hundreds of years and have been widely used in everyday life to prevent urinary tract from infections and promote overall health. Cranberries are best in supporting your mouth and teeth health. 

CRANBERRY CONCENTRATED 50:1 FOR URINARY TRACT HEALTH: One of the most known benefits of cranberry supplement is the support of urinary tract from various infections. The main component of cranberry supplement kills the bacteria in urinary tract and prevent the urinary tract wall cells from future bacteria growth. Thus consuming our cranberry supplement may improve urinary tract health and release bacteria.

CRANBERRY CONCENTRATED 50:1: If you are experiencing some digestive troubles, our natural cranberry supplement will be the right aid to support optimal digestion function. Cranberries contain enzymes that do a great job in food digesting.



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