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AFRICAN MANGO: African Mango is widely used in dietary supplements. African Mango or Irvingia gabonensis is a fruit that may help people to lose weight. Vitamin B that is present in African Mango supplement may boost the body’s metabolism that allows consumers to burn calories faster.  

AFRICAN MANGO INCREASE WEIGHT LOSS: African Mango has been know as a weight loss help. It may also be useful in suppressing appetite and boosting body metabolism. It may also control the appetite and promote digestion. African Mango supplement increase metabolism by burning fat during your daily activity.

AFRICAN MANGO PROMOTE DIGESTION: While consuming foods with fat concentration means that the body needs bile acids to fat digestion. When the body doesn't have enough amount of bile acids than fat absorption will be slow down and the body has to use cholesterol to produce more bile. Thus African Mango supplement reduces the bad cholesterol our the body.



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